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Quarry Botticino

The Botticino marble quarries are part of the excellence of our Country and are characterized by the presence of one of the most appreciated marble varieties worldwide. The Botticino marble quarries are in the province of Brescia, in a mountainous area in the municipalities of Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Serle and Botticino. The region is known for an important wine consortium, for its hosiery factories, for a restoration school and for the historic marble Museum, born in 1996 thanks to the commitment of a volunteer team. The Botticino marble quarries form an authentic delicacy not only at local level, but also at national level. Their virtue is especially due to a series of really rare chromatic, ivory white veins. It is a type of marble extremely strong and resistant, very suited for every type of architectural construction both indoor and outdoor. It is characterized by high resistance to temperature variations and impact and ensuing low wear and tear by friction that make this marble extremely efficient and long lasting. The Botticino marble is suited for a good polishing and creates a great impact from a monumental perspective, with its capability to give a suggestive coloring to indoor locations. The Botticino marble is suited for coverings, floors, kitchens, stairs, bathrooms, slabs and any type of premises. To extract the marble from a Botticino quarry, we use excavators, mechanical blades and diamond wire machines, which are very useful to for the cutting operation to always keep the highest quality of marble blocks. It is fundamental the safeguard of the whole deposit of Botticino quarries, which must be guaranteed through a work aimed at reducing risks and at a production that must exceed a standard number of tons every year in order to offer an efficient and constant service.


Botticino marble blocks

The Botticino marble blocks correspond to big pieces of Botticino marble that are extracted from various veins in the area of the Prealpi of Brescia, especially from the Nuvolera, Botticino, Serle and Rezzato quarries. They are limestone blocks characterized by a uniform beige color, with the presence of few light brown veins. It is a type of marble totally unique in its genre, as the aforementioned veins can create with the basic color a very refined and delicate composition, hard to find even in the other types of marble extracted from nearby zones. The Botticino marble blocks are very useful to make slabs of different sizes and, if well tested, they can be exported gross or sawn to be then transformed in finished products or slabs. The marble of these Botticino blocks can be very suited for both outdoor and indoor cladding. With an appropriate cut, the Botticino blocks can be turned into in slabs, with a high resistance to impact and a long-lasting efficiency thanks to its resistance to wear and tear. This variety of marble can be used also for stairs and floors in various finishes, like polished or brushed.


Botticino light marble

Before we talk about Botticino light marble, we cannot exempt from giving a quick description of the Botticino marble, a quality of beige/white limestone that is extracted from the quarries in the province of Brescia, in the municipalities of Serle, Nuvolento and Nuvolera. It is extracted from the Nuvolento quarries and it is distinguished by its uniform color and structure which is absolutely crystalline. The formation of these deposits of Botticino light marble dates way back to the Jurassic period and it settled during the Cretaceous era. These marbles were generated by the sedimentation and consolidation of limestone sludge, which formed inside various lagoons dating back to the Mesozoic era. However, the high value of this marble was discovered only in the later period, as the first extractions were made during the 20th century and its qualities have not been totally used/exploited yet. The Botticino light marble value increases due to its rarity, as only few quarries that have this variety of marble . This marble is so ductile that can be combined with any other variety of marble, thanks to its elevated gleam and limpidity. Its very light color makes it possible to combine it with any other chromatic effect and can enhance any type of combination. The Botticino light marble can be used for many types of coverings, floors with quite big tiles and for indoor and outdoor works. It can be brushed, sandblasted, glossy, polished, striped, rolled, bush hammered and hammered.


Botticino semi-classic

The quarries of Botticino marble are the most popular in our country and are characterized by a color close to beige. One of the varieties of this type of marble that can be more easily extracted is the Botticino Semi-classic marble, which represents one of the most famous ones and at the same time one of the most requested by various customers. Characterized by its beige color, the Botticino Semi-classic stands out for a light base and for the sufficiently uniform chromatic effect, with some small brown veins. This type of marble can be extracted from a large area of the Prealpi of Brescia in Northern Italy, and more precisely in the small towns of Nuvolento, Serle and Nuvolera. As we have already said, this variety of marble is characterized by an extremely refined style that can satisfy every request of an extended clientele that wants to cover their indoor and outdoor spaces with a material of extremely high quality. The Botticino Semi-classic marble blocks can always guarantee very uniform and homogeneous tonalities. The quarrying of this marble started quite recently, as it was discovered in the 1920s, and has always raised a great interest that made it one of the most sought after types of marble both in Italy and abroad. The Botticino Semi-classic can be used for vertical coverings both indoor and outdoor, for slabs and floors of any kind. It can be polished, glossy, hammered, rolled, striped, bush hammered, sandblasted and brushed.


Botticino fiorito marble

The Botticino Fiorito marble comes from the namesake quality of pure micritic limestone which is extracted in the province of Brescia. This particular type of marble can be found in the mountains of the Prealpi of Brescia and stands out for the flowering that is typically white. The structure of a marble deposit of Botticino Fiorito is usually characterized by extreme hardness and high compactness. The value of this marble is quite high. Blocks can be cut also against the grain. This important variety of marble is appreciated all over the world and can be used in combination with many other types of darker marble, including the other tones of Botticino. The Botticino Fiorito marble is different from the other ones for a minor quantity of structural defects, which make it so suited for different uses for both floors and slabs, without overlooking the stairs and internal cladding. This material can be installed both outdoors and indoors. The Botticino Fiorito marble is used also for architectural works with extremely refined and precious style, as it can be combined with other valuable marbles like Giallo Siena or Nero Portoro. The standard finishes are: sandblasted, striped, hammered, glossy, polished, bush hammered and rolled.


Botticino slabs

The Botticino slabs are made of the marble extracted from the quarries of Botticino, Nuvolento, Nuvolera and Serle, located in an extended area of the Prealpi of Brescia. The Botticino marble slabs are characterized by a beige color and stand out for a series of brown regular veins, with rather soft, almost invisible, fossil remains. It is a material that stands out for its high elegance that makes it one of the most sought after marbles in the world. The Botticino slabs are made like so because they go through an accurate and careful process. In fact, these slabs can be from 2 to 30 cm thick, to guarantee at least a minimum level of cutting and bending resistance. On the contrary, if the slabs are thick enough, the material does not risk breaking or cracking and can be easily transported and processed. The Botticino slabs have a high resistance, one of the highest in marble, and guarantees a low wear and tear risk. These high quality slabs have a high gleam degree and can make interiors more suggestive thanks their extremely refined and unique style. This marble can easily resist cold and so is suited for outdoor installation. The Botticino slabs can be used in large quantities for stairs, indoor and outdoor covering and as tiles for floors. They can be finished glossy, meshed, resin finished, polished, hammered, brushed and much more.

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