Quarry Breccia Vittoria

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Extraction of Marble Breccia Vittoria
Monte Toppa
Serle (BS) - Italy
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Breccia Vittoria quarries

The Breccia Vittoria marble quarries contain a variety of marble of uniform beige color with nearly crystalline small white, pink and light brown veins. It is a type of breccia dating back to the geological Liassic era and can be generally used for internal cladding. This variety of marble is typically Italian and is one of the most ancient marble types that can be extracted. We can find it mainly in the Northern regions of our Country. The Breccia marble is used for floors both indoor and outdoor, without omitting table coverings, stairs, sinks, shower trays, kitchen counter tops and many other uses. These marbles are not simple to find and get because of their quite high value, and are characterized by a rather refined style, both in their more glossy variants and in the gross ones. The Breccia Vittoria blocks can be of different formats according to our customer’s requirements. The Breccia Vittoria stands out also for a high shock-resistance and low wear due to friction. This type of marble can be brushed, sandblasted, polished or glossy, bush hammered or flamed. Who decides to use a marble from a Breccia Vittoria marble quarry looks for a strong and nearly indestructible material, but at the same time of a unique style


Breccia Vittoria Marble blocks

The Breccia Vittoria marble blocks are extracted from quarries in the province of Brescia, in the municipality of Serle. The Breccia Vittoria blocks stand out for the particular color of their marble, which is brecciated and goes from beige to reddish and pink. They are characterized also by the presence of some very light colored veins, tending to beige, with some brown shades. For these reasons, the Breccia Vittoria marble is very suited for quarter match installation. Every type of block is finished off in every single detail, with the possibility to be cut without any difficulty after a series of operations made by qualified and really expert staff. All of these blocks of Breccia Vittoria marble can be cut into slabs and tiles and used to make important custom made works, and can satisfy any kind of customer. The Breccia Vittoria marble is extremely hard and resistant to impact and wear and tear, besides being quite refractory to cold, thus very suited for outdoor installations. The Breccia Vittoria marble can be used both indoors and outdoors, for walls, stairs, floors, coverings, kitchen counter tops and shower trays. It can be polished, bush hammered, brushed, glossy, hammered, sandblasted, rolled and corrugated.


Breccia Vittoria

The variety of Breccia Vittoria marble is one of the most popular in our Country and one of Italy’s most famous and precious varieties. It is generally extracted from the quarries in the municipality of Serle, in the heart of the Prealpi of Brescia. This type of marble is characterized by its color which is called brecciated, a mix of beige, pink and red tones. The Breccia Vittoria marble is particularly suited for indoor furnishing, even if it does not look bad outdoors. These marbles, for their characteristic wave formation, are particularly suited for quarter match installation. Considering also their high resistance it is possible to cut big formats. This type of marble is hard and compact and can be exposed to a really accurate resin finish that can correct structural fractures. And it just thanks to this important series of processes that the Breccia Vittoria marble stands out for a nearly perfect structure, without any porosity or any type of defect/flaw. This marble can be used both indoor and outdoor, for floors, kitchens, walls, lintels and shower trays. It can be polished, glossy, hammered, bush hammered, and rolled.


Breccia Vittoria slabs

The Breccia Vittoria slabs are characterized by an extremely crystalline marble quality; their color varies from beige to red, pink and grey with various veins. The Breccia Vittoria marble is extracted from the zone of the Prealpi of Brescia and more specifically in the municipality of Serle. The marble is extremely hard and compact, especially if you get it after a resin treatment made to remove its small structural fractures, making the Breccia Vittoria slabs smooth and shiny. These slabs are recommended for quarter match installation and their thickness can vary from 2 to 30 cm. The Breccia Vittoria marble can be used for indoor and outdoor coverings, floors, walls, thresholds, stairs, kitchen counter tops and lintels. It is a marble common both in public and private buildings and can come in many types of finishing such as brushed, polished, glossy, hammered, striped, rolled, and bush hammered.

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